For the outdoor area, be it the balcony or a garden, we have some artful ideas as well. For example, you can offer a piece of classic Bauhaus architecture to the songbirds in your neighborhood. Our birdhouses and bird baths are made of stainless steel in Germany, occasionally combined with slate, and always supplied with a stand.

Artist Annette Rawe, whose beautiful collection of elegant mobiles you can find here, also produces outdoor mobiles and stylized colorful garden decoration flowers made of painted stainless steel, which decorate beds and pots colorfully in summer and winter alike.

Our beautifilly designed fireplaces made of weatherproof steel, which can mostly also be used for grilling, also come from Germany.n addition, we offer a collection of beautifully designed and robust Swedish rugs made of PET, which are suitable for outdoor use with a minimum of care. Of course they’re also great for indoors.

For the sunny days, we show a selection of high-quality sundials in variants from the small postcard kit to the universal globe sundial in stainless steel investment casting. All sundials are fully functional timekeepers and impressively remind us of the sun as the clock of all earthly life.


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