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Most probably it was not pediatricians and baby beds which artist Alexander Calder had in mind when he surprised the art world in Paris around 1930 with his first modern mobiles. And yet his invention turned out to be perfectly fitted for the delicate senses of newborns and babies, which are still somewhat overwhelmed by the stimuli of this world. The gentle rotating movements of a mobile seem to address something deeply anchored in us – which explains why we still love and appreciate them as adults.

We present to you a selection of lovingly and naturally designed mobiles for babies and children from the traditional manufacturer Flensted from Denmark. Its founder, Christian Flensted, made an improvised mobile for his granddaughter in the early 1950s, beginning the story of the family-run company on the island of Funen. The mobiles are handmade. They come pre-assembled and gift-wrapped.

Notes about installing these mobiles:

Safety: The overhead height height of a baby's mobile must be adapted to the growth of the baby in order to avoid that the baby can grasp the mobile and get entangled.

Field of vision: Newborns initially have a limited field of vision. They only see halfway sharp at width of up to 30 centimeters. Therefore, a mobile should initially hang at roughly that distance. As the baby learns to focus better and begins to lift his head and arms, the mobile's suspension needs to move higher.

Colors: Babies prefer contrasting and bold colors. Muted tones or pastel colors are harder to recognize in the beginning.

Less is more: a wild mix of colors and shapes is not necessary. More than a handful of hanging elements of a mobile can overwhelm the baby. Also, the even rotation or the quiet rocking of a gently blown mobile fascinates them much more than hectic or shaking movements.

Best places: Wherever you would like to distract or calm a baby is a good place for a mobile. Such places are mostly over the cot or crib, at the changing table and above the dining table.

Eye and ear: Not all babies use the Mobile as a sleep aid, some feel rather stimulated. However, the mobile can be well supported by noises, be it a lullaby, a music box or white noise.


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