Mobiles for Babies and Children

For decades, mobiles has been part of almost every baby bed, every changing table and every pediatrician's office. Here you find a selection of lovingly designed mobiles for babies and toddlers, all handmade in Europe. Upon request, we will gift wrap any mobile at no extra charge. Please note the safety instructions further down on this page.
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Babies and mobiles – a few tips

Safety: The suspension height of a mobile above a baby bed must be adapted to the growing baby so it can not reach it and get entangled.

Field of vision: Newborns initially have a limited field of vision. They only see somewhat sharp at a width of up to 30 centimeters. Therefore, a mobile should initially hang at about this distance. The better your baby learns to lift his head and arms, the higher up the mobile will have to be.

Colors: Babies prefer bold and contrasting. Muted tones or pastel colors are more difficult to recognize.

Less is more: A wild mix of colors and shapes is not necessary. More than a handful of hanging elements of a mobile might overwhelm the baby. Also, the even rotation or the quiet rocking of a gently blown mobile fascinates them much more than a vigorously scuffed and hecticly dancing mobile.

Best spots: Wherever you would like to distract or calm a baby is a good place for a mobile. Such places are mostly over the cot or the crib, at the changing table and above the dining table. It's no coincidence that virtually every pediatrician has at least one mobile at their office.

Eyes and ears: Not all babies can use the mobile as a sleeping aid, some rather feel stimulated. However, the mobile can stll be nicely supported by sounds, a lullaby, a music box or white noise.

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Mobiles as a gift

By request we will gift-wrap all items that have a suitable size. The gift-wrap is free of charge. 

If you wish to have an article gift-wrapped please tell us so in the comment field of the checkout.

PS: We do plastic-free shipping.* 


* except for re-used packing materials deriving from deliveries to us