Architectural birdhouses - fancy dinner for the feathered ones

Open a fancy bird's diner in your garden or on your balcony with this charming collection of Bauhaus-inspired birdhouses made in Germany - stainless, frost-resistant and durable.
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Birdhouse made of stainless steelShould we feed the birds at all?

With intensive agriculture and the subsequent mass extinction of insects we are seriously damaging the livelihood of our avifauna. The birds find fewer nesting sites, they have to travel longer distances hunting for insects and the vast monocultures of wheat, corn and potatoes there is no adequate selection of grains and fruit. The German Naturschutzbund registered the number of birds in Germany declining by one seventh in the years from 1998 to 2009 - newer numbers are expected soon and they will hardly turn out better. "We have a moral obligation to feed birds," says not only the ornithologist Prof. Peter Berthold, who explained his reasons in this interview (German). He explicitly recommends to feed the birds throughout the year, including the exhausting breeding season in spring.


Which bird food should be offered in the birdhouses?

The domestic birds divide into grain eaters and soft-food eaters.

For grain eaters, it is recommended to offer commercially available grain mixes in the birdhouses, unless the mixes are stretched with wheat, which is too hard for most birds. A proven formula for birdseed are two-thirds sunflower of seeds, a quarter of hemp seed and additional oatmeal, chopped nuts and other seeds.

For the soft-eaters, the well-known fat-containing dumplings, are just great. Most of our birdhouses provide a suspension for them. Alternatively, the soft-eating birds love oatmeal which has been dipped in hot oil as well as poppy, bran, berries and raisins. Fruit should be offered in the bird house as a whole, from which the birds peck bite-sized portions.

Not suitable for feeding are bread (swells in the stomach), salty and spicy food as well as butter and margarine.

If you want to make food dumplings or rings yourself it is recommended to mix the feed 1:1 with melted tallow (from the butcher).


Care of the birdhouses

The birdhouses are made of stainless steel and / or aluminum, so they won’t rust and can stay out side year-round - this also applies to the bird baths which are made of frost-resistant porcelain. For reasons of attractiveness and hygiene, the birdhouses should be cleaned occasionally.
Fears of diseases in birdhouses are usually unfounded. If there is news about a specific rampant bird disease you should temporarily not offer water.

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