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Welcome to Kunstbaron

We welcome your visit to our special collection of artfully crafted living accessories, gift ideas and playful objects.

Our most special love is for our unique selection of decorative hanging mobiles and their fabulous effect not only on a room but also on the mind.

We cooperate with artists and mostly family-run manufacturers who create special objects for today with awareness of traditional craftsmanship, and value high-quality sustainable materials such as wood, metal, glass and paper. 

With very few exceptions*, what you discover in our shop is made in Europe.

We ship your order from Berlin and are available to advise you in advance by email or phone.

Please note that our checkout only accepts orders from the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway. Please contact us for a delivery to any other country.

* Made outside of Europe are our kaleidoscopes (Israel) and the Buddha Board (China).

Mobiles - Aesthetics, Calm and Comfort

Artful Mobiles

Every room is a place that reflects life. The silent floating mobile stands for mindfulness, sense of art and aesthetic aspiration. It stands for the beautiful and special things in life.

We recommend our artistic mobiles as:

  • invigorating and at the same time calming accessories for private rooms
  • stylish and impressive accessories for representative rooms
  • atmospherically valuable accessories for your medical or therapy practice as well as for care facilities
  • loving gift that reminds people of each other in an everyday and joyful way
  • fascinating sensual experience for babies and toddlers
More than a thousand mobiles from Kunstbaron already float and dance in private and public spaces in near and far countries. They hang (among others) in private rooms, hotels and restaurants, medical and nursing facilities, stores and a correctional facility.
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Playing & Giving

Playing & Giving

Man (and woman) should never be too old to play. We joyfully maintain our selection of handcrafted playful objects, mostly intended for collectors and lovers beyond the age of children. Thus, you will find with us:

  • mesmerizing premium kaleidoscopes with high quality lenses and mirrors, set in brass
  • hand-turned spinning tops in artistic designs made of a variety of materials
  • a large selection of the legendary original Naef Toys made of excellently crafted domestic woods
  • two chess sets by Bauhaus artists as exact replicas according to the original designs
  • Romantic music boxes with mechanisms from the Black Forest, set in ornate wooden cases

These timelessly inspiring toys can of course be given as gifts on any occasion.

Living & Mindfulness

Living & Mindfulness

Taking a breath, finding balance and spending inspiring time with loved ones – all this is what we want when we are in our very own home. To create your living space, we offer, in addition to our artistic mobiles, among others:

  • the exclusive clocks collection by legendary Catalan designer José María Reina, who mostly omitted the dial ingeniously
  • fantastic cushions by Finnish textile artist Klaus Haapaniemi with his fascinating nature motifs on velvet and silk
  • a collection of unique lights with translucent shades made of wafer-thin real wood veneer, fragrant alpine hay and, yes: rock
  • artful minimalist design clothes racks made of solid wood, manufactured in Germany
  • a meditative and every day anew fascinating sand pendulum made of stainless steel

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