Toys & Games

When you think about it, playing is the very foundation of human evolution. The joyful and curious experimentation, combination and try-out of objects and materials has been the starting point of any progress and many of our best ideas of all time were created playfully and often accidentally.

Here in our „Toys & Games“ section we show artfully crafted playable objects that inspire even (and sometimes only) adults and show us the beauty of artfully applied physics. Hereby plastic is very rarely used; the very most of the toys and games are crafted from wood and metal individually by artists and smaller manufactories.

Please note the age restrictions in our descriptions - not all items are suitable for children and / or infants.

Spinning Tops

Classic Spinning Top Spitzkegel

Classic hand-turned spinning top "Spitzkegel" made of Pink Ivory and ebony

With our collection of hand-turned spinning tops made of wood, metal and other materials, we continue the tradition of one of the oldest toys of humanity. We love spinning tops in many ways: as a self-explanatory game of skill for all generations, for their sophisticated craftsmanship and not least as a metaphor on life itself which requires movement and balance alike.

Our spinning tops are mainly made in the lathes of two passionate German artists - Armin Kolb and Christoff Guttermann - who both of have a long experience and dedication in this field.



Invented by mere chance by a Scottish scientist, kaleidoscopes and their typical psychedelic mirror patterns have greatly influenced art, design, and pop culture over the decades. With their impression of seeming infinity and extraordinarily bright and beautiful colors, kaleidoscopes fascinate all generations over and over again.

Our kaleidoscopes are made in unrivaled quality by Israeli artist Roy Cohen. He uses high-quality optical lenses and mirrors which are installed in heavy solid brass tubes.

Kaleidsocope Double Wheel S

Classic kaleidoscope with double color wheel, made of brass



Triple-wings boomerang with apple veneer

Triple-wings boomerang with apple veneer

Each of our boomerangs is an individually handmade piece from the workshop of German woodcrafting artist Christian Kliem whose more than 25 years of experience and dedication go into the production of his traditional flying objects. From gluing and pressing the thin layers of wood and the precise shaping of the aerodynamic edges to the final treatment with solvent-free hard wax oil, every work step is carried out in good handcraft tradition with conventional machines and tools.

The basis of each boomerang is formed by a few layers of Finnish birch, which are topped with a grained veneer from other European woods. The individual production shows itself in the excellent flight characteristics of the boomerangs, which do what cheaply manufactured models promise in vain. With a little practice, you will quickly experience sustainable success.


Balance Games

Creative wooden game with clamp ring

Colorful creative wooden sculpture with clamp ring

With great pleasure we discovered this collection of particularly beautiful wooden games, made by a small manufactory in Spain. In various creative variants, the games are usually about stacking, balancing or otherwise combining colorful wooden elements. The result is always an appealing small sculpture that doesn’t need to disappear in a drawer.

The wooden games are delivered in a beautiful box made of wood or cardboard. Due to the intuitive design and the arbitrarily high or low level of difficulty, the games are equally suitable for adults and children (except infants - risk of swallowing small parts).


Naef Toys

The traditional manufacturer Naef Spiele from Switzerland has been fascinating generations with its unique premium wooden toys which also represent a piece of design history. Kurt Naef, founder of the company, started his own business as a furniture maker in the early 1950s, before the Naef Game he developed as a side project turned into a major success. Later on he also collaborated with skilled external designers, in particular from the Bauhaus movement and from Japan.

The Naef Toys are made in a Bavarian craft workshop with extraordinary precision and treated with absolutely innocuous, but bright and intense colors.

Wooden toy Cella by Naef Spiele

This wooden toy called "Cella" can be re-arranged and stacked in countless beautiful variations


Music Boxes

Musik Box Erik Satie made of wood

The seemlessly diamond-shaped music box plays a beautiful tune by Erik Satie

The German designer duo Jörg Adam and Dominik Harborth has helped the good old music box to a contemporary and beautiful new edition. They use high-quality movements made in Germany, which play various classical melodies of composers such as Mozart, Strauss and Satie, and integrate them into excellently crafted wooden cases, which appear seamlessly closed from the outside.

The music boxes are not least a charming and romantic gift for festive occasions.


Games & Gimmicks

Games & Gimmicks“ is our little treasure trove for various charming games and toys for big and small children.

Ball Maze Sphaera made of wood

The ball maze "Sphaera" by Naef is quite a challenge - and a beauty.


Stirling Engines

Coffee Engine made in Germany

The highly efficient "coffee engine" runs on the warmth of your palm – or a warm cup of coffee.

This collection of functional model engines made of steel and brass inspires through both the lovable design of the machines, as well as the clever use of the laws of nature. Driven by a little odorless spirit flame or, as so-called coffee engines, the warmth of a cup or a palm, the engines run neatly and also caress your ears with their beautiful rhythmic sound.

The model engines are manufactured in Germany. We deliver them either as a kit for self-assembly or as a finished model.


Slide-On Cars for Kids

For novice drivers aged one to five, we provide a very nice fleet of ride-on cars in various retro designs. The playing cars are made in Germany sustainably from wood and steel and can also be designed by the kids themselves. They are being delivered (in environmentally friendly packaging) either as a finished ride-on car or as a kit for self-assembly. This requires no tools other than two included screwdrivers.


"Pink Peggy" - only one of various beautiful retro designs of the ride-on car