Here we show you a collection of clocks that not only inficate the time, but also appear as a beautiful room decoration. They tell us what time it is, but do not constantly remind us. And they often merge with the room, turning the wall itself into a dial. Only the authentic materials wood and metal are being used in the manual production.

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Nomon Handgemachte UhrenAbout the manufacturer

The Nomon brand is closely linked to self-taught designer José María Reina (1951 - 2016) and has its share of the Barcelona's worldwide reputation for modern industrial design. Reina, who had previously designed both furniture and jewelry, combined these two in a new clock concept.
He proved to be a master in the art of omission. The only really necessary components of an analog clock are two hands and a clockwork. Everything else is only hinted at by Reina, for example in the form of a simple ring instead of a case or loose hour markers instead of the dial. This concept suddenly made it possible to create oversized watches with minimal use of materials. And it made the clock merge with the wall, blurring its boundary with the environment, making it an integral part of a room into which the clock blends with effective restraint. In addition, Reina experimented with modern and unusual materials. He discovered the glass fiber fir himself; a material that is otherwise used for the poles of camping tents. The fact that these rods automatically form a perfect circle when their ends meet fit perfectly into Reina's concept. But this was not a departure from tradition: especially in combination with naturally warm wood these clocks unfold their charm.
Furthermore, Reina found ways to hang his clocks from ropes or to balance them on filigree poles. Always with the result of a fascinating sculpture of maximum lightness, which almost coincidentally indicates the time as well.
This modern form of omission can only function if one dedicates the utmost dedication to the remaining elements. A Nomon watch has passed through many experienced hands before leaving the workshops in Barcelona. High-quality materials are used, including walnut wood, which comes exclusively from sustainable cultivation.
  Nomon handmade clocks
Nomon handmade clocks

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