Mobiles for adults

Here we show our collection of mobiles for adults to contemplatively adorn private and public spaces, handmade from materials like paper, wood, metal and more.
Art Mobile "Wipp" Blue / Multicoloured in Multi-Level Arrangement (40 x 65 cm)
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Beautiful art mobiles for adults

As an accessory for the baby cradle, the mobile has been a permanent fixture in almost every household of young parents for decades. However, it is easy to overlook the fact that the mobile has been a very adult affair from the very beginning. In the early 1930s, the American sculptor Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976), who worked in Paris, developed kinetic sculptures made of movable wire constructions, from which his typical Mid Century mobiles were eventually created. Calder showed these in renowned art museums. His mobiles founded their own genre, which he still influences extensively today.

We show a wide range of mobiles for adults which preserve and develop the classic design language.

Who makes our mobiles for adults

Flensted Mobiles: The traditional company, now in its third generation run by the Flensted family, is based on the Danish island of Funen. Christian and Grete Flensted manufactured their first mobile in 1953 – the "Danish Lucky Storks" which are still available today. In addition to children's mobiles lovingly designed in a restrained Scandinavian style, Flensted especially cultivates the Mid Century tradition of artistically abstract mobiles for adults and is constantly expanding the programme with new designs. The sophisticated handcrafted production of the mobiles is largely done at home by numerous residents of the island of Funen.

Annette Rawe: The artist and qualified designer is based in Germany. After sculpting with other materials, she has focused primarily on mobiles for adults. Her material of choice are precious paper types which, after being painted, varnished and sometimes even gilded by hand, become robust and at the same time feather-light elements for graceful mobiles. In addition to classic designs in the Mid Century tradition, Annette distinguishes herself through her own style, which arranges floral forms into stylish, charming and very lively mobiles. Each mobile is an individual production of the artist.

Rivka Baake and Wilfried Kreutz: The artist couple is based in Hanau near Frankfurt and produce a beautiful collection of high-quality mid-century mobiles for adults made of brass and copper. Arranged in each case in the format of around 70 x 70 centimetres, the mobiles are the perfect size to create an impressive spatial effect without being overwhelming. The shiny gold elements are soldered with galvanised iron wire and, if desired, preserved with a zapon lacquer. Without varnish they develop a beautiful natural patina over time.

Livingly Mobiles: Danish designer Louise Helmersen and her husband founded Livingly in 2008 and focus on a contemporary collection of artistic abstract mobiles for adults. In addition to coloured and/or artfully folded paper, materials such as wood and wool felt are used for the mobiles. The careful handcrafting of the mobiles is carried out by around 50 employees working from home. 

NAV Scandinavia: Together with partners, Danish designer Torben Kragh Jørgensen founded the NAV brand. Before that, he had already had a 25-year career in the interior design industry, during which he lived and worked in South Africa, Kenya, China, Singapore and other countries. NAV works with various young designers and collaborates with a Chinese company in the production process, whereby strict attention is paid to compliance with regulations for occupational health and safety and environmental protection. One of NAV's specialities are mobiles made of feather-light and filigree stainless steel, which is perforated in a special etching technique as finely as would hardly be possible for the human hand.

Mobiles as gifts

By request we will gift-wrap all items that have a suitable size. The gift-wrap is free of charge. If you wish to have an article gift-wrapped please tell us so in the comment field of the checkout.
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