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The mobile is not at all a trditional toy but emerged from the prime of abstract art in the 20th century. Exactly in 1931 the mobile was presented for the first time in a solo exhibition in Paris (→ read more here). Nowadays probably 98 percent of all mobiles are hanging above baby beds is nice for the babies, but an underestimation of the mobile. Because in an adult living environment larger and more complex mobiles can unfold their spatial effect and show that magic which amazed the art scene in 1931.

→ more about the history of the mobile
Feather-light mobile "Sine" in fresh colors (50 x 50 cm)
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Large Mobile "Life & Thread" with changeable colours (125 x 70 cm)
59,50 EUR
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The history of the mobile

Alexander Calder, creator of the mobile (1947)You might assume that something as universally appealing as the mobile, which can be made of almost anything, should have existed for ages. But far from it: Alexander Calder, ein sculptuor from USA, is the inventor of the modern mobile - and he lived until 1976.

As a young man in Paris in the 1920s Calder met artists like Arno Breker, Piet Mondrian and Fernand Léger. Around this time he started to be fascinated by kinetic sculptures which are constructed from moving parts.

When Calder started lifting this sculptures up in the air the mobile was born. The first noticable solo exhibition of Calder's mobiles was in 1931 in Paris. Calder continued to evolve his concept into giant kinetic outdoor sculptures or motor-driven objects.
Two examples for mobiles in the tradition of Calder can be found here und here.

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