Spinning Tops

Be it as a toy, as a contemplative break for for mind between smartphones and monitors (or even as a reality check like in the movie Inception) - the spinning top enriches our lives and has been doing so for thousands of years. Our spinnning tops are handmade by the German artists Armin Kolb and Christoff Guttermann and the Swiss manufacturer Naef which has a long tradition.

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About our spinning top artists:


Armin Kolb

spinning top artist Armin KolbArmin Kolb, German artist and the son of a goldsmith, travelled around the word, gaining experience in woodwork and blacksmithing, before he opened a workshop for commodities back in Germany. His work focused more and more on the crafting of exclusive spinning tops which he has raised to an impressive art form in more than 30 years of practice. Filigrane shapes, meticulously turned and carved details and a variety of materials (among them: noble woods, corals, nuts, bone and acrylic glass) make Mr Kolb’s spinning tops special. As collector’s items they are hopefully meant to last for generations to come.


Christoff Guttermann

Kreiselmacher Christoff GuttermannMaster craftsman and scholar of a foundation for gifted students Christoff Guttermann also holds an engineering degree and has been working in the fields of craftsmanship, art and design for 30 years. His work includes commissions for businesses and industrial producers as well as museum purchases and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. His special passion is dedicated to handcrafting exclusive spinning tops from noble woods and aluminium in a variety of shapes. To let him have his own words: „When you feel, turn and watch the spinning top it can become a tool for developing more awareness - as an impulse for a new creative process and as a condition for a responsible interaction with the environment.“ The whole crafting process is about sustainability, which includes the use of green power, recycled aluminium and renewable packing materials.


Naef Spiele

Naef Spiele KreiselNaef Spiele is a Swiss company with a rich history, best known for ingenious construction toys and top quality manufacturing. Naef combines the European tradition of crafting with designs influenced by Bauhaus and japanese minimalism. The company’s story is also a story about Europe’s economy: founded by go-getting and creative furniture salesman Kurt Naef in the 50s, established as an internationally renowned producer of toys by the 70s, bought by investors and turned into a stock company in the 80s, almost bankrupt in the 90s, bought back by the Naef family around 2000 and since then flourishing again, focusing on the core products. Naef toys are manufactured with meticulous precision in a workshop in the south of Germany. Only sustainably grown European wood and harmless colours are being used. The small collection of Naef’s spinning tops is playfully educational, offering interesting optical experiments with colours and shapes.

Spinning Top Birds Egg by Armin Kolb Spinning Top Eugn by Armin Kolb