A living space consists of four walls and some furniture - that is the minimum requirement. Under Interior we summarize what makes it come alive: adorning and decorating the walls and the furniture, adding nuances, splashes of color and expressions of our preferences.

It is not for nothing that great writers often introduce a character in a novel by first describing their home in detail. Since the beginning of our sedentary existence more than ten thousand years ago, we live in interrelation with our living space: it reflects our being and influences our well-being.


Mobile Nils Bohr by Flensted
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Concentric art mobile "Nils Bohr" by Flensted, Ø 27 cm

Among the most beautiful and often underestimated ways to decorate a room is the mobile. It represents two states which are becoming somehow rare in our modern and increasingly digital life: balance. And quietness. Accordingly, there is a renaissance of the classic art mobiles for adults happening.

Our mobiles are from Germany and Denmark. More precisely: by Annette Rawe and Studio Lappalainen – both in Germany – and by the family-run traditional manufacturer Flensted on the Danish island of Funen and designer Louise Helmersen from Brenderup.


Flower Suspensions

Our hanging baskets by Atelier Haußmann (Berlin) also have the ability to beneficially influence a whole room. The simple and well-thought-out design of round bent steel tubes forms a perfect symbiosis with flowers and green plants and makes them stand out as sculptures created by nature.

The flower baskets are made in Italy and Germany; the final assembly takes place in Berlin-Schöneweide. We supply various models that serve as vases for cut flowers or pots for planted flowers. On request, special finishes in RAL colors are available. Each hanging basket comes with a ceiling hooks and a marine rope.

Flower Suspensions
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Upright and round flower suspensions with green plants, powdercoated matt black



dial-less wall clock made of walnut wood
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Dial-less wall clock made of walnut wood, Ø 50 cm

Just as innovative as traditional - these are the attributes to the work of the late José María Reina, who inscribed himself in the history of modern design with his ingenious wall clocks. His clock designs start with the bare minimum - two hands - and add as little as possible. So usually the white wall replaces the dial which dissolves the border between the clock and the architecture. The sometimes large-sized yet airily light-looking wall clocks tell us the time when we look consciously, and otherwise restrain themselves elegantly.

The manufactory Nomon, founded by Reina, still produces the clocks in Barcelona, using high-quality movements made in Germany. The materials used are mainly wood and steel or brass, sometimes supplemented by fiberglass poles. The wall clocks are supplied with mounting materials and precise mounting templates.

Balcony & garden

For the outdoor area, be it the balcony or a garden, we have some artful ideas as well. For example, you can offer a piece of classic Bauhaus architecture to the songbirds in your neighborhood. Our birdhouses and bird baths are made of stainless steel in Germany, occasionally combined with slate, and always supplied with a stand.

Artist Annette Rawe, whose beautiful collection of elegant mobiles you can find here, also produces stylized colorful garden decoration flowers made of painted stainless steel, which decorate beds and pots colorfully in summer and winter alike.

In addition, we offer a collection of beautifully designed and robust Swedish rugs made of PET, which are suitable for outdoor use with a minimum of care. Of course they’re also great for indoors.

Decorational flowers made of stainless
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Garden decoration flowers made of stainless steel, height 90 cm, powdercoated in various colors

Candle Light

Double Table Oil Lamp
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Double Table Oil Lamp made of Glass

In these times of ubiquitous LED illuminants, the natural warm light of a candle's flame is like a little oasis for the eyes. We present a selection of candle lights and oil lamps which also consider themselves little objects of art, be it as a festive light for dark winter nights or cozy flickering for a summer evening on the balcony.

The Nuclear plate

What do all German nuclear power plants have in common? - You’ll find them in very idyllic surroundings. Nestled in fields and meadows, next to a river or a beach, they radiate (in the double sense of the word) with a deceptive calmness. Their time is running out, they are becoming relics of the past. But their legacy will keep thousands of generations in suspense.

Mia Grau and Andree Weissert implemented these inconsistencies in an art project called The Nuclear Plate, whereby each of the 19 remaining German nuclear power plants serves as a motif on an old-fashioned cobalt blue porcelain plate. The plates are produced in a traditional Thuringian factory and are each supplied with an informative 56 pages booklet.

The Nuclear Plate
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Motif: The power plant Obrigheim in Germany, operational from 1969 to 2005, being deconstructed since 2007

Sculptures & Objects

Table decoration Dragonfly
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"Dragonfly" – decorational table mobile made of gauzy etched stainless steel

Sand pendulum
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The meditative Zen sand pendulum draws fine geometrical lines in the sand

"Sculptures & Objects" is our little treasure trove of beautiful and extraordinary objects that adorn the space, calm the mind and / or delight as a gift.

Posters & Wallpapers

We show you imaginative and lovingly artist-designed illustrations in poster and wallpaper format that will enrich the character of your rooms in an original way. All of our posters and wallpapers are consistently gallery-quality prints on first-class paper, so that the brilliance of the colors will be preserved for many decades.

poster art print Lady Owl
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"Madame Louise" – a charming poster print with an elegant lady owl

art print poster with lady swan
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Wallpaper Art Print with Swan Image