The original Naef toys – creative building blocks in iconic designs

The Original Naef Toy – colored version

The Naef games go back to the original Naef game from Switzerland. Furniture maker Kurt Naef invented the ingenious wooden building blocks with their creatively combinable angles in the mid-1950s. Further designs and collaborations with top-class designers from all over the world have earned Naef games a reputation as the "Rolls Royce of toys" to this day.

Almost all Naef games follow the original principle: precisely processed wooden building blocks, painted in selected colors, can be intuitively and playfully arranged in geometric beauty to form any shape or figure. Naef games are self-explanatory and know no age limit. They awaken the playful curiosity that comes naturally to all of us and have a worldwide following.

Tawa and the Naef Toy – for all kinds of experiments

The original Naef Toy is available in three versions: Child-friendly painted in bright colors, natural or made of fine woods. It is compatible with Tawa (available in two colors) and both use a combination of angles of 45 and 90 degrees for exciting games with gravity and balance.

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The Naef games are manufactured in a craftsman's workshop in Bavaria. Only wood from sustainably managed European forests is used. A tenth of a millimeter is the tolerance when manually resharpening the building blocks. They are painted with first-class paints without harmful ingredients. Naef games are therefore suitable for children without hesitation, provided there are no small parts that can be swallowed.

Cella, Cubicus, Lithos - the cube as a source of inspiration

The Naef games Cella, Cubicus and Lithos are based on the equilateral cube shape in various fascinating arrangements. The three wooden games are compatible with each other. Cella and Cubicus are available in different colors, Lithos only in one.

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Ornabo, imago and mosaic – the beauty of graphic patterns

The building blocks of Ornabo, Imago and Mosaic produce two-dimensional geometric patterns with a beautiful interplay of the colors used, according to the mosaic principle. Of these games, Ornabo is best suited for children.

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Naef Toys are manufactured in small batches with the principle of quality over quantity. Some games are available at most once a year and then quickly out of stock. We try to keep as many Naef games in stock as possible. You are welcome to reserve sold-out games by e-mail. We will then let you know as soon as they are available again.

Quadrigo, Angular and Ponte – Experiments with the right angle

Quadrigo, Angular and Ponte each consist of angled elements, which does not exclude them from tall as well as oblique design possibilities. Like all Naef games they amaze with the creative diversity that lies in a few simple components.

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Bauspiel, Chess Game and Color Mixer – Bauhaus replicas after original designs

Given the functional beauty of Naef games, it makes all the sense in the world that in 1977 the manufacturer Naef entered into an ongoing cooperation with the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. Thus, strictly according to the original designs, Naef manufactures the famous Bauhaus Chess set by Josef Hartwig (1921), the Bauhaus Bauspiel by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher (1923) and the Bauhaus spinning top Optical Color Mixer by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack in a quality worthy of the design classics.

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The manufacturer Naef Spiele is run by the third generation of the founder's family.

Diamant – the crown of the Naef collection

All the features of Naef games come together in perfection in the large and intricately crafted diamond game. The wooden pieces, angled both diagonally and straight, fit together to form a perfect cube and unfold into incredible objects, to which the various bright colors give the finishing touch.

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Modulon and Tectus – the celebration of the Golden Section

The Modulon and Tectus games show their very own beauty. Their building blocks are related to each other in the relationship of the golden section, which has fascinated mathematics and art alike since time immemorial and imperceptibly shapes many famous paintings. The harmony of the golden section also characterizes all sculptures created from Modulon and Tectus.

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Circino and Rainbow – Naef does it round, too

The Circino and Rainbow games are dedicated to the circular shape as the basis for the free constructions typical of Naef. Rainbow, which is also suitable for children, can be played as a marble run and a simple xylophone.

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