If anything is not supposed to be a disposable product, then it's a piece of furniture. Here we show small furniture (and some larger bookshelves) made in Europe, which, thanks to their quality as well as their timelessly interesting design, can hope for a very long life. Of course, we prefer to follow the paths away from large Swedish furniture stores.

For the pieces of furniture shown here, only wood that has at least one FSC certification is being used.



Bauhaus stool made of solid oak
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Bauhaus stool made of solid oak wood, self-stabilizing

Finding new shapes on which people can take a seat is a classic royal discipline of furniture design. Quite often it is a contest of how to make the most out of as little as possible. We offer a small collection of seatings - stools, chairs, benches - which convince through an appealing design as well as skillful manufacturing from authentic materials.


We show a small but fine selection of side tables and coffee tables which also present themselves as sculptural objects, adding a special touch to the room. In addition to classic solid wood and steel, extraordinary materials such as marble and mirror glass are being used.

Stainless steel side table with oblique legs
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Sidetable made of stainless steel with three oblique legs


sideboard hall cabinet made of steel, oak and multiplex
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Sideboard made of stainless steel with cabinet made of grooved meltiplex and solid wood legs

In our section "storage" you will find unconventional sideboards, hall cabinets and shelves that break the rules with pleasure and relish designs that you certainly can not find in any large Swedish furniture store. The collection includes wall and bookshelves by French manufacturer Drugeot who makes the un-right angle an art form, as well as sideboards and hall cabinets by Vejtsberg which are standing firmly on two legs only.

We deliver this storage furniture free of charge to your door (applies to delivery addresses in the EU).

Children's furniture

We like Belgian furniture designer Matthieu Meert for his ability to build a bridge between the good old school furniture of the early and middle 20th century and some bright and colorful children's furniture for today. The child-friendly design of the solid little desks,  playing tables and chairs is unobtrusive enough to also please the more adult taste.

Children's desk with matching chair
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Children's desk with matching chair in several colors