Swipp, Wipp and Leaf – charming handmade mobiles with floral elements

Swipp, Wipp and Leaf are the names of three series of handmade mobiles from the artist's workshop. The room-decorating mobiles enchant with select combinations of radiant colors and the grace of their leaf-shaped curved elements.

The elements of the mobiles are made of upcycled paper and painted by hand, as well as partially gold leafed. An additional layer of clear varnish protects the colors and makes the mobile easy to care for.

To make it easier to choose the perfect mobile from these collections, we list all models in an overview here.

All mobiles shown here can also be manufactured in custom dimensions and colors – please contact us.

Leaf & Little Leaf – elegantly swinging shapes

The large mobile Leaf and its smaller sister Little Leaf consist of elongated curved leaves in a dynamic arrangement, which give the mobile a lively lightness in their dance of shapes and colors.

The mobile Little Leaf with its 60 x 50 cm finds a suitable place in almost every room.

The Little Leaf is available in the following colors:


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The Mobile Leaf turns out noticeably larger with its 80 x 60 centimeters.

The Leaf is available in the following colors:


Large Art Mobile "Leaf" Red / Orange with Leaf-Shaped Elements (80 x 60 cm)
360,00 EUR
Large Art Mobile "Leaf" Green / Dark Blue with Leaf-Shaped Elements (80 x 60 cm)
360,00 EUR
Large Art Mobile "Green Leaf" with Leaf-Shaped Elements (80 x 60 cm)
220,00 EUR
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Wipp – leaves and circle shapes in arranged in steps

Two curved leaves, which carry between them a fruit-like circular shape, form the core element of the mobiles from the Wipp series.

As Wipp Solo, this element is available individually in four color combinations, each with one of the leaves with real gold leaf. The other models, simply called Wipp, each combine three of these core elements in a graduated arrangement.

Mobiles Wipp are available in the following designs:


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3. Swipp – elegent leaves arranged upright

In the mobile Swipp the typical leaf shapes are arranged more above than next to each other. With its size of about 60 x 60 centimeters, the mobile always finds a nice place in not too small rooms. Two models come with partially leaf-gilded elements.

The mobile Swipp is available in the following versions:


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