Here we present a selection of top-class watches that stand in the tradition of craftsmanship, but combine it with refreshingly clear and smart design. In this way, the clocks become artful everyday companions that tell us the time but do not impose it on us.
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About the traditional clock manufacturer Nomon from Barcelona

The clocks shown here, made by the Catalan manufacturer Nomon, are part of the legacy of designer José María Reina, who passed away in 2016. As a craftsman who was as much aware of tradition as he was keen to experiment in the economically up-and-coming design city of Barcelona, Reina elevated the omission to an art form with his clocks. Above all, he liked to make the clock face disappear elegantly and turned the wall itself into the clock's dial by directly mounting the hands and hour markers onto the surface. In this way it was possible to create large clocks that nevertheless shone with lightness and graceful restraint. In addition to first-class processed woods and metal, Reina used fibreglass rods for his clock collection. The flexibility of these rods allows the circular shape of dials to be produced with a large radius without abandoning the maxim of lightness and reduction.

Nomon's wall clocks, table clocks and upright clocks are still made by hand to order in Barcelona. The highest standards are applied to the quality of the material and workmanship.

The movements of the clocks come from the German manufacturer UTS (Uhrentechnik Schwarzwald).

Harmonic clock design for private and public spaces

Design clocks by Nomon perform the feat of being both artistic and serious in their attractive design. Precisely because the minimalist watches incorporate their surroundings into the design, they enrich every room as a decorative and functional sculpture. Thus, these clocks can be used as stylishly in the private living room as in offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms or other public spaces.

With the introduction of the smaller Punta and Pico models in 2020, the quality of materials and workmanship to which Nomen is accustomed is now available in an affordable price range.

We supply the entire Nomon collection in all variants, sizes and finishes.

Giftwrapped clocks by Nomon

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The two small wall clocks Pico and Punta, which we usually have in stock in all colours, are particularly suitable as gifts:

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