Art mobiles with extra large dimensions, handmade in Europe

Here you will find a selection of XXL-mobiles for large private rooms as well as public spaces such as a practice, a waiting room, a representative lobby or a staircase.
Extra Large Metallic Mobile "Flowing Rhythm" Red/Black (90 x 170 cm)
750,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 15 (from a total of 15)

XXL mobiles – kinetic sculptures for a spacious impression

The lightness with which space-consuming objects float weightlessly makes for the special fascination of large mobiles. In sufficiently large private rooms as well as in public spaces such as a practice, a waiting room, a representative lobby or in a staircase, an extra-large mobile can unfold its impressive effect and provide the static architecture with its constantly flowing geometry with a graceful and flexible antipole.

About the manufacturer of these XXL mobiles

Flensted Mobiles: The traditional company, now in its third generation run by the Flensted family, is based on the Danish island of Funen. Christian and Grete Flensted manufactured their first mobile in 1953 – the "Danish Lucky Storks" which are still available today. In addition to children's mobiles lovingly designed in a restrained Scandinavian style, Flensted especially cultivates the Mid Century tradition of artistically abstract mobiles for adults and is constantly expanding the programme with new designs. The sophisticated handcrafted production of the mobiles is largely done at home by numerous residents of the island of Funen.