Handcrafted steel tongue drums, playable by everybody

Our handmade and lovingly designed Tank Drums are fully-fledged and precisely tuned musical instruments that can be played intuitively by young and old without prior knowledge. Their beautifully meditative sound can be experienced and enjoyed at home as well as outdoors in all weathers.
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Tank drums are a relatively new invention from the 2010s. As their name suggests, these harmonically tuned rhythm instruments are usually made from small oil tanks or similar steel containers. By precisely cutting out the reeds, they become vibrating bodies rich in overtones. Their movement is always transmitted to the entire sound body, which gives the tank drum's tones their spherical and spacious effect.

Tank drums combine many qualities that make them attractive to passionate musicians as well as children and the inexperienced. Because the tones of the tank drums are in harmony with each other, they do not pose a barrier to the intuitive experience of the instrument. This makes it possible to play the instrument with a clear head, with joy of playing and full of relaxation. Nevertheless, there are no limits to increasing one's own abilities. The feeling for tempo, rhythm and harmonies can be practised for a lifetime and raised to new levels.

In addition, the tank drum can take on anything. It is robust enough to be given to children without hesitation. It is unaffected by temperatures, never goes out of tune and can be taken anywhere – to friends' meetings, to the park, to nature.

Handmade Tank Drum / Tongue Drum

Our tank drums come from a small family craft business in Lithuania, where they dedicate themselves to these instruments with all their passion and many years of experience. This is reflected in the beautiful sound and in the loving finish of the surfaces. Shimmering colours and fine ornaments are worked into the steel shells with burning and grinding techniques, which makes the tank drums a comprehensive sensual experience.

The positive effect of this instrument should not be underestimated. It allows even untrained people to access that magical "flow" that musicians experience when they give themselves completely to the music with body and mind. While this creates a meditative state far removed from everyday life, the neurons fire intensively in almost all areas simultaneously, as brain research studies have observed. As a counterbalance to our rational-digital everyday life, instruments like the tank drum can sustainably promote well-being.

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