Sofa-sized cushion sleeves with beautiful weaving patterns, made of 100% wool

Whatever new fibers the plastics industry produces, there is yet nothing better than the natural wool of sheep, which we have been using to warm and bed ourselves for at least thirty thousand years. The design of woven patterns and motifs has always been a form of graphic art that expresses itself in the geometric structure of a weaving pattern. The sofa cushions shown here are handcrafted using conventional looms. The material is 100% wool.

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About the manufacturer

Kerry Stokes and Richard Bush, founders of ChalkChalk Merino lambswool textiles LOGOKerry Stokes and Richard Bush, both born on the same day, met in art school in the 80s. Kerry went on to have an international career as a textile designer in Europe, Japan and the USA. Richard, who studied ceramics, owned several interior businesses and represented weave designers in Europe and New York. After raising two children together they decided to become partners in business as well and founded Chalk. The charming designs are still quite new to the market but found many worldwide friends already.

The colours and patterns of Chalk’s fabrics are inspired by their home turf. The muted colours and partly botanical patterns represent impressions of rural landscapes in the south of England.

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Chalk Studio handwoven throws and cushions Merino lambswool