Artful precise sundials in different variations, made in Germany

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Helios Sundials made of wood, porcelain and stainless steel

Here we show a selection of the original Helios sundials, developed by German engineer Carlo Heller. From an early age, he worked intensively on the ancient cultural technique of astronomical timekeeping and raised it to a new level with technical precision and innovation. His sundials are regarded by the German state as exemplary testimonies to the art of German engineering, which is why many foreign state guests have flown back with a sundial by Carlo Heller in their luggage.

The collection of sundials is not limited to the display of solar time, but also includes the concepts of Carl von Linné's flower clock and the concept of the internal clock of the human body, the research of which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017, in addition to modern time, the date, the solar maximum at noon and more. Both the flower clock and the internal clock go hand in hand with the ultimate generator of all life's rhythm on earth – the sun.

In addition to sundial kits made of aircraft plywood, which are ideal gifts, the collection also includes sundials made of Thuringian manufactory porcelain and stainless steel. They can remain outdoors all year round, being weatherproof and frostproof.

The showpiece is the Magellan globe sundial made of a sophisticated of fine cast stainless steel, which can be used worldwide and offers a comprehensive variety of reading options. There is also a choice of bases and stands for this sundial, from small pedestals to granite stone stelae.

The sundials come with every conceivable accessory. They are one hundred percent made in Germany and come with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

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