As our walls usually remain white, a rug is the largest designable area in the house and can enormously influence the character of a room. Accordingly, it represents the largest conventional canvas in the field of textile art and design. We show you rugs from artists and family-owned manufacturers who have great ideas for this canvas and combine traditional production techniques with contemporary design.

We do not buy rugs from india (due to the questionable circumstances, like child-labour) and thereby abstain from an estimated 90 percent of the market. All our rugs are entirely manufactured in Europe.


Wooden Rugs

Wooden? Rugs? Exactly. Designer Elisa Strozyk applies wood elements to fabric and created – among other things – this small collection of actually usable wooden rugs which are both rigid and flexible. The fascinating geometry of the rugs results both from the shape and arrangement of the elements as well as the different shades of the wood used.

The rugs are being crafted in Germany in a family-run wood manufactory.

Wooden Rug Ashdown
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Wooden rug "Ashdown" made of oak, maple and beech veneered on blue-grey linen, 152 x 87 cm

Wool Felt Rugs

design rug made of wool felt
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Three-dimensionally designed rug handmade of red wool felt

Artist Joanna Rusin relies on natural felted wool as the basis for her award-winning work. From this pleasant, warm and robust material she creates a unique collection of artful rugs in her own studio. These rugs are, on the one hand, sophisticated and particularly threediemensional rug designs that look as good in a museum as in a living room. And on the other hand lovingly designed play rugs with removable elements for children.

We deliver these rugs in bespoke colors and sizes. We’ll be glad to advise you via phone or email.

Cork Rugs

Portuguese textile designer Susana Godinho developed a unique method of processing cork into threads and weaving them into beautiful rugs. Combined with wool, cotton and linen (partly in recycling), the results are rugs which are as robust as comfortable. Godinho’s rug designs reflect the bright colors of Portugal. At a closer look the rugs reveal the complex and appealing geometry of their weave patterns.

We offer these carpets in standard sizes from small mats to large rugs. Bespoke sizes are also available – please contact us.

Cork rug Argola Liso
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Hand-woven unicolor rug "Argola Liso" made of cork and wool

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rug Gunnel black
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Swedish outdoor rug "Gunnel" in black

Sweden has a long tradition of using outdoor-suitable rugs which are woven from robust PET in the same way conventional rugs are being woven. The rug’s designs are truly Scandinavian as well, arranging bright colors in reduced geometrical patterns with an unobtrusive timeless charm. Of course these rugs are well suited for indoors as well, not least for households with kids and / or pets.

While these robust rugs are not made from natural fibers they still have some arguments of sustainability on their side: They last for a long time with a minimum of care and they’re not produced in India under questionable circumstances and then shipped halfway around the world. We offer each rugs in various sizes for all kinds of use.