Flower Suspensions

A little jungle on eye level: the timelessly beautiful flower suspensions Blumenampel and Blumenkugel turn your plants and flowers into hanging sculptures and your room into a green oasis. The organic structure of the flowers is embedded into the puristic shape of the suspension and stands out all the more - a great decoration not only of your home but also office rooms, business places and stores. The objects are being hanged from a ceiling hook with a marine rope (all included). Bespoke colours are available by request.
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Flower suspensions – flowers as sculptures

The desire to integrate a piece of nature into our modern living and working environment is only too understandable. After all we have spent the very longest time of our evolution in the forest, in the great outdoors and not in the urban jungle. The lush green of leaves, the smell and the colourfulness of rich flowers signal to our instincts: Here you don't have to worry about survival, here you have everything you need, here you are in the right place. 

And this is where the phenomenal effect of a hanging basket comes into play. Because unlike flower pots standing on the ground, a hanging basket lifts the green where the first homo sapiens was already familiar: at eye level and above. With a hanging basket in the room, you are instinctively reminded of a forest that we modern monkeys love to visit to take a deep breath, enjoy devotional peace and forget the asphalt jungle for a moment.

We probably fell in love with the hanging baskets from Haußmann studio in Berlin because they are a perfect link between nature and architecture. Solidly made of steel and with clearly understandable shapes, they radiate something timeless. They provide a framework for the freely unfolding growth of the leaves and flowers and allow us to understand the plants as sculptures as expressions of nature's endless creativity, which is what makes it the true artist. 

The effect of this symbiosis on an entire room is truly impressive: these hanging baskets of flowers are timeless, thanks to a design reduction to two basic elements: the straight line and the circle (or a segment of the same). This minimalism brings an inner harmony of proportions and fits perfectly into practically any living environment, whether it is a normal white painted room, an industrial style loft or a warm environment with wooden furniture and/or walls. 

If the hanging baskets are intended to add a splash of colour to the home or correlate with existing objects, they can also be painted in any RAL colour of your choice – please contact us.

To ensure that the hanging baskets can be stylishly placed in your home, a black ship's rope and a ceiling hook made of blackened steel are included in the delivery.

Which flower suspension for which purpose?

The best places for a flower suspension

As a wall decoration: The upright hanging baskets are also effective in small to medium-sized rooms with normal ceiling heights. It can be placed individually in the corner of a room or in pairs close to a wall and thus assumes the function of a living wall decoration.

As a room divider: Two or more hanging hanging hanging baskets can be placed next to each other in the room to divide it into different areas in a charming and unobtrusive way - possibly also in combination with a low piece of furniture below the hanging baskets.

As a privacy screen: a hanging baskets, for example, placed in front of a window, will block curious glances from outside.

At or above head height: If there are high ceilings, the hanging baskets enliven the area at or above head height and create the "jungle effect" described above, which turns our living space into a green oasis.

In the stairwell: A bit of lively nature is good for any stairwell, although potted plants would usually get in the way. Hanging hanging hanging baskets of flowers are a perfect solution here. If you need an extra long rope to hang the hanging hanging baskets, please contact us.

In a retail shop: The "feel-good" effect of hanging hanging baskets is of course particularly useful for shop owners. It is well known that the longer customers stay in the shop, the more they are willing to buy. The hanging baskets make their contribution here and also enhance the overall design of the shop. Accordingly, the hanging baskets from Atelier Haußmann can already be found in numerous shops in Europe and beyond.

At the workplace: In an office or other workroom, too, the hanging baskets create a pleasant atmosphere and a balance to the constant view of the screen. Moreover, it does not stand in the way.

About the choice of plants

The beauty of hanging baskets is that they harmonise with practically all forms of plants. Either they are lush plants with many leaves and flowers – in which case the hanging baskets themselves step back and let nature speak for itself. Or they are rather small or inconspicuous plants – in which case the hanging baskets really bring them out by establishing a relationship with the plant and presenting it as a natural sculpture.

Any more questions? We will be happy to advise you personally by phone or e-mail.

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